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Yes... people do notice service Karen

"If you want great customer experience you need to start by focusing on the needs of frontlines employees. Customer service interactions are where people have strong emotions, so they tend to be experiences they remember for a long time "

-Bruce Temkin, Qualtrics head of Qualtrics XM Institute

What's the story?
The trend

Understanding how to make those connections is getting harder. But good service might be more important than you think.

The data

Organizations with a great reputation for customer experience are best positioned to win share of wallet,

Great service beats low prices in 2024

The takeaway

Ed Bastian, CEO at Delta Airlines Speaking at X4

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"The customer journey starts as you're returning from your last trip. I want you to be thinking about what your next trip is going to be before you've left your last journey. The evidence shows, the better job we do on the current trip, the higher the likelihood that the customer is going to choose us again for their next trip"  

In 2024, despite predictions to the contrary, it's not low price points driving consumer purchase decisions - Qualtric's research found organizations with a great reputation for customer experience are best positioned to win share of wallet, even in a down economy. 

Post-purchase experience is one of the biggest drivers of consumer purchase decisions - in their study, "customer service support" ranks second only to "product quality" - even above "low prices"

"Variability is the biggest challenge to creating a consistent great experience. No company designs for a poor experience, but the level of variability can be too high and uncontrolled in organizations. Reducing that variability is the best place to start"
Knowing which agent behaviors impact satisfaction, spend and loyalty, then tracking how agents perform against those benchmarks will help you build a roadmap to improving customer service levels.
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